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Advantages Of Venison Over Any Other Red Meat

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Venison has become a more accepted meal in recent times. In case you were wondering, venison refers to deer meat. People have begun to notice the advantages of eating venison over other red meats. Here are some advantages:

Healthy Reasons.

A lot of consumption of red meat has become a health risk. People who eat lots of red meat have been known to develop cholesterol related diseases. Eating too much cholesterol increases the chances of getting sick in the later years.

The reason deer meat is a good alternative to other red meat is because venison contains less fat. This means that it will not be likely for it to cause fat related problems in the body. The level of nutrition provided by venison far much surpasses that of other types of red meat.


Most people feel that venison tastes like game since it may be tough to chew and probably imagine that it is hard to digest as well. However, when properly cooks, it tastes better than beef and you only need to know how to hunt the best deer that gives the softer meat. With this settled, you will find that venison is preferable to beef.

Saves Money.

Purchasing your own meat from the butchery can be quite expensive in comparison to having to hunt deer. The process involved in deer hunting is not too pricy and getting the meat ready for eating is not expensive either. In the end, you save more money with venison.

Preference To Hunting.

Since deer have lived their entire lives in the wild, the thought of hunting them down is better than thinking of how a cow or goat suffered while being bred for consumption. More people consider cattle to be bred for dairy purposed and not meat. Venison is a good choice for those who feel cattle should not be eaten.

Improves Outdoor Knowledge.

If you are used to getting meat from the store, you will not gain any skills as far as hunting is concerned. If you decide to hunt for deer meat, then pretty soon you will be able to get accustomed to it and gain the proper hunting skills. You will be able to learn more about wild game too.


Able To Avoid Disease.

By consuming freshly hunted game, you will not be able to get most of the diseases that come with consuming infected red meat. The venison is free of most dangerous diseases you can get. However, there are some that carry diseases so you should prepare the meat properly to avoid that.

More Minerals.

Since deer have been in the wild, their meat contains more vitamins and iron. This is beneficial for the body and enable you to keep off diseases. These type of minerals are also found in beef but the amount found in venison is higher.

Better For The Environment.

Hunting deer helps keep the nature balanced. Deer are some of of the animals that breed very fast. Since they feed on grass, they often destroy the environment I’d in large herds. Thus hunting deer controls the numbers and keeps the natural balance.

Good Sport.

Hunting is no easy feat. It can take a long time and even with lots of patience you a not always guaranteed a good kill. The exercise involved enables you to keep fit. It could be your very own means of exercise instead of driving to the store to pick up beef.

That said,it is not always advantageous to have venison over any red meat. Sometimes, you may end up contracting dangerous diseases if the deer had consumed any risky food. This could affect you greatly. It could also contain worms that you may ingest. You may end up not knowing that you are sick for a while.

Furthermore, if you do not live in an area where hunting is allowed, it may prove to be difficult to get your venison. You with therefore be forced to take beef instead.

Apart from that, there is also the fact that you can only hunt deer during hunting season. If you like your venison freshly hunted and prepared by you then this could be a problem.

With all this said, it is apparent that venison has numerous benefits in an overall sense.

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