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Tips And Different Ways To Cook Deer Meat

picture of whitetail deer steak cooking

If you are an avid hunter who wants to be prepared to cook and eat like a king or queen when deer season arrives, you will need to come up with some great tips for cooking dear meat. There are many different ways to cook the meat, so take it upon yourself to enjoy this information below and use it to the best of your ability.

Methods For Cooking Deer Meat:

1: Cooking It In A Pan Or Skillet

One of the best ways to cook dear meat is on a stove eye with a pan or a skillet. By cooking your deer meat on a skillet, you are able to do so evenly and at temperatures that truly bring out the natural flavor. This will allow you to more easily reach the proper internal temperature of the deer steak or other parts that you are looking to enjoy. Because of this, you should invest in a quality cast iron skillet before deer season arrives to properly be able to cook your meat.

2: Oven Roasting With Vegetables

Another great method that turns your prized deer into a balanced meal is to oven roast them with vegetables. You will be able to allow it to sit in the oven for long periods of time, with vegetables such as potatoes, cucumbers, celery, onions, carrots and any other food that you can possibly dream of in order to create a wonderful palette to match your succulent selections of deer meat. This provides the opportunity to create a feast for the whole family.

3: Slow Cooking Recipes

A slow cooker is your friend when it comes to finding new and interesting ways to cook deer meat. The slow cooker is a wonderful way to go about it for both convenience and a wonderful end result. Slow cookers are incredibly convenient because it allows you to basically throw a concoction together in a pot, let it sit all day and then have dinner ready when you get home from work. Since it cooks the meal slowly, you can leave it on while away without having to worry about fire hazards that you would when cooking on a stove or other such appliance.

Tips For Cooking Deer Meat:

1: Trim The Fat

The very first thing you should keep in mind when cooking deer meat is that you must trim the fat. You should acquire some knives specifically for the express purpose of trimming the fat of your deer meat, so that the process does not become long and cumbersome. Become familiar with the various parts of the deer so that you know which will be more fatty than others. Doing this gives you the opportunity to expedite your process and get the absolute most of the deer meat as a whole.

2: Enhance The Deer Meat Flavor Instead Of Trying To Mask It

Many people learning to cook deer meat make the mistake of trying to mask the flavor or grow used to it as opposed to working with it. Instead of comparing it to other meats that you enjoy, make sure that you find ways to enhance the flavor of the deer meat as opposed to just cover it up. This will let you find the right spices to go with it so that you can play around with a variety of different recipes.

3: Use Some Sort Of Marinade

Any time you’re going to cook deer meat, make sure that you let it marinate at least 24 hours. There are plenty of marinades that you can purchase to this end, or you can create your own by playing around with many different flavors that you think will be suitable for the deer meat. The end result is meat that is tender, succulent and infused with wonderful flavor.

So take these tips in mind so that you are better able to prepare and cook any kind of deer meat that you happen to get throughout the course of your hunt. You will be well prepared to go through hunting season normally you have these tips in your back pocket. Follow these tips to the best of your ability. –

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Food Pairings That Go Well With Venison

great food pairing with venison

Venison is one of the best meals that you can have. This is especially so if you know what to pair it with in order to achieve maximum satisfaction with your meal. Here are some ideas for food pairings that are fantastic with venison.

Naturally, venison is a main course. Thus it is paired with foods that add to the main course such as sauce or vegetables. One of the pairings you can try is some kale or broccoli. This will also serve fantastically with some mashed potatoes. You should make some sauce preferably one with color so that you feel that your meal is colourful. This combination is one that you will find finger licking.

Next, you can try venison with some pasta. This could go really well if you include soup so that the meal does not feel too dry. Like the pairing with broccoli, you can also try sauce instead of soup if you prefer something thicker. However, if you are serving a large group of people, it is best to serve soup instead of sauce.

Another pairing you should try is with cerelac and soup. You can have this with mashed potatoes or rice of you prefer. The mashed potatoes would be fantastic if you are thinking of having a thanksgiving dinner for a group of people. The meal would be perfectly downed with a glass of red wine.

If you are having a small meal for two, you can pair venison with some spinach and make gravy. This will go well with a side of mushrooms. You can add some garlic and raisins to the mushrooms to make the whole combination much sweeter. Another option would be with olives instead of raisins. If you do not want spinach you can try kales.

If you are looking for a lighter meal, you should try venison and blackberry sauce. Since venison is red meat, it will undoubtedly go perfectly with the sauce. You can add garlic to the blackberry sauce for a better taste.

Additionally, you can also try venison with mushroom, rosemary and garlic soup. This is perfect if you are looking for a light meal. The soup should make the venison taste much better due to the garlic. You can add red wine to the combination too.

For a Saturday lunch or dinner, you can have grilled venison wrapped in bacon. The bacon will be cut in thin layers and wrapped around the venison. The mix should make for the ultimate meal. You can garnish this with some spinach. To make the venison taste much better you can spread some cumin pepper or mild red chilli. This is best served with white wine.

A winning pairing would be of venison and soft cabbage served with diced carrots. The venison can be served with riesling on the side for a better taste. All in all this would be one fine combination. Some white wine would be perfect with this.

If you are a fan of lasagna, then you can pair your venison with this. To prevent the meal from feeling too dry, try adding some soup garnished with peas. The combination is to die for. You can also try adding a side of honeyed cabbage to complete the taste.

If you love spinach and kale, there is no reason you cannot mash it up. Make a side of kale mixed with spinach, then serve it with the venison. You should add some red wine to make the meal as sweet as ever.

One more excellent idea is to pair venison with rice garnished with tomatoes. The tomatoes are cut in to small pieces then mixed in to the already cooked rice. The venison on the other hand is served with raisins to make the combination tasty. To top it all up, make some sauce with rosemary and sage then add tumeric powder and some cumin seeds. The result is splendid.

Lastly, you can try venison with potato puree and some soup. Garnish the venison with some greens. To make the soup tasty add carrots. This will male for a finger licking meal.

These pairings are sure to leave you wanting more.

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Advantages Of Venison Over Any Other Red Meat

Venison vs beef pic

Venison has become a more accepted meal in recent times. In case you were wondering, venison refers to deer meat. People have begun to notice the advantages of eating venison over other red meats. Here are some advantages:

Healthy Reasons.

A lot of consumption of red meat has become a health risk. People who eat lots of red meat have been known to develop cholesterol related diseases. Eating too much cholesterol increases the chances of getting sick in the later years.

The reason deer meat is a good alternative to other red meat is because venison contains less fat. This means that it will not be likely for it to cause fat related problems in the body. The level of nutrition provided by venison far much surpasses that of other types of red meat.


Most people feel that venison tastes like game since it may be tough to chew and probably imagine that it is hard to digest as well. However, when properly cooks, it tastes better than beef and you only need to know how to hunt the best deer that gives the softer meat. With this settled, you will find that venison is preferable to beef.

Saves Money.

Purchasing your own meat from the butchery can be quite expensive in comparison to having to hunt deer. The process involved in deer hunting is not too pricy and getting the meat ready for eating is not expensive either. In the end, you save more money with venison.

Preference To Hunting.

Since deer have lived their entire lives in the wild, the thought of hunting them down is better than thinking of how a cow or goat suffered while being bred for consumption. More people consider cattle to be bred for dairy purposed and not meat. Venison is a good choice for those who feel cattle should not be eaten.

Improves Outdoor Knowledge.

If you are used to getting meat from the store, you will not gain any skills as far as hunting is concerned. If you decide to hunt for deer meat, then pretty soon you will be able to get accustomed to it and gain the proper hunting skills. You will be able to learn more about wild game too.


Able To Avoid Disease.

By consuming freshly hunted game, you will not be able to get most of the diseases that come with consuming infected red meat. The venison is free of most dangerous diseases you can get. However, there are some that carry diseases so you should prepare the meat properly to avoid that.

More Minerals.

Since deer have been in the wild, their meat contains more vitamins and iron. This is beneficial for the body and enable you to keep off diseases. These type of minerals are also found in beef but the amount found in venison is higher.

Better For The Environment.

Hunting deer helps keep the nature balanced. Deer are some of of the animals that breed very fast. Since they feed on grass, they often destroy the environment I’d in large herds. Thus hunting deer controls the numbers and keeps the natural balance.

Good Sport.

Hunting is no easy feat. It can take a long time and even with lots of patience you a not always guaranteed a good kill. The exercise involved enables you to keep fit. It could be your very own means of exercise instead of driving to the store to pick up beef.

That said,it is not always advantageous to have venison over any red meat. Sometimes, you may end up contracting dangerous diseases if the deer had consumed any risky food. This could affect you greatly. It could also contain worms that you may ingest. You may end up not knowing that you are sick for a while.

Furthermore, if you do not live in an area where hunting is allowed, it may prove to be difficult to get your venison. You with therefore be forced to take beef instead.

Apart from that, there is also the fact that you can only hunt deer during hunting season. If you like your venison freshly hunted and prepared by you then this could be a problem.

With all this said, it is apparent that venison has numerous benefits in an overall sense.