2 Year Old Gets Creative Recreating Famous Movie Scenes with Cardboard Boxes

There are numerous instances on planet earth with most unexpected quarters producing great results surprising everyone. In the same analogy in a recent incident a two-year old boy recreated famous movie scenes using minor items like the cardboard boxes. It establishes one fact beyond any reasonable doubts that one does not need highly expensive elements to become creative.

In this case it was only a heap of cardboard boxes and a baby and that was the main inspiration behind such creations spearheaded by the couple Lily Lang and Leon Mackie when they moved over to their new home in Sydney leaving the old one in Melbourne in Australia.

Relocating people like that usually land up with a lot of debris and in the present case the couple was left with a huge collection of spare cardboard boxes. While the movie scenes were recreated b the couple who are passionate lovers of movies, the difference was that their 2 year old kid featured in them.
Source: cardboardboxoffice.com | Facebook | Twitter


#1 Game Of Thrones

#2 Mad Max

#3 Breaking Bad

#4 Batman

#5 Lord Of The Rings

#6 E.t. : The Extra Terrestrial

#7 Forrest Gump

#8 Beetlejuice

#9 The Revenant

#10 Home Alone

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