Combining Fantasy with Reality with iPhone

There are many imaginaries that use to combine successfully combining fantasy with reality. An example is the insertion of movie scenes in real life situations that can effectively combine fantasies with realities. The activity takes a different dimension when the same is accomplished using smart phones like the Apple iPhone.

Replacing real life objects and scenarios with imaginary ones or something different could be real fun. Software like Photoshop can render the task easier enough for the users. The task can be further simplified with the use of smart phone or other mobile devices. It could be great fun as well.

Experience of a person that replaced a statue of Napoleon Bonaparte with the image of little pony was that it was highly appreciated by the viewers and they thought it was big fun. He repeated such combinations again and again and got similar response in all cases. Viewers just loved the combination of fantasies with realities inspiring the creator immensely.
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#1 Deadpool

#2 The Simpsons

#3 Madagascar

#4 Dragon Ball Z

#5 The Aristocats

#6 Finding Nemo

#7 The Avengers

#8 Minions

#9 Spongebob Squarepants

#10 Mario

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