Drawbotics Brought Favorite TV Shows In Life With Mind Blowing 3D Floor Plans

Although we watch many TV shows, we hardly know about their details. We never wondered what it would be like to be in the Silicon Valley, or at the Parks and Recreations. Drawbotics, a startup in Real Estate Marketing invites everybody with their incredible 3D rendering of some Favorite TV shows.

Backed by countless hours of watching and more than 200 hours of labor, they made 3D details of seven favorite TV shows that include Parks and Recreation, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mad Men, Suits, Silicon Valley, The IT Crowd.

Each of the designs contains many humorous details like The Land Mine, cat in the drawer, broken vending machine, bed and sofa in the garage etc that only hardcore fans can find out. Glide through the photos on this page and see if you are able to spot those.
More info: blog.drawbotics.com


#1 The Office (US)

#2 Parks And Recreation

#3 The It Crowd

#4 Brooklyn Nine-nine

#5 Mad Men

#6 Silicon Valley

#7 Suits

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