What would happen if famous movies were shot in Russia

Movies depict what happens in our societies. If the same movie was made in different places, cultures and perspectives, that may appear totally different from the Original. To show what would that look like, a Russian art project known as 2D has done a unique experimentation.

The internet project was started for fun only, and its object was to place famous movie characters in totally different eastern European, especially Russian settings and watch how they look like in new environment.

This page includes ten such images of famous movies like Deadpool, The Matrix, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, South Park, Batman, Tom And Jerry, Spirited Away, and Death Note. In all of these, the characters are placed in Russian settings showing what they would appear if they were shot in Russia. Scroll down the page for a look.
More info: 2d Here (h/t: Kevin Hartung)


#1 Deadpool

#2 The Matrix

#3 Pirates Of The Caribbean

#4 Game Of Thrones

#5 Harry Potter

#6 South Park

#7 Batman

#8 Tom And Jerry

#9 Spirited Away

#10 Death Note

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