Star War Characters Take Place In The Nebuta Festival Floats

Nebuta festival has long been considered as one the biggest cultural festivals of Japan. The main attraction of the Nebuta festival is the long procession with lantern illuminated giant floats that are made using a special type of Japanese paper, called washi and frames made of bamboo. These depict characters and scenes from mythology and the cultural history of Japan.

The Star Wars has been much influenced by the history, culture and war techniques of Japan. With the increasing popularity of the Star Wars, some Star Wars characters are included in the Nebula floats to add a new twist to this unique cultural festival.

With infusion of the Star Wars characters, the Nebula floats became more popular to the local people and the tourists as well. Scroll down the page to have a look at the awesome Nebula Star Wars floats.
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Japanese girls enjoying Nebuta Star Wars.

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